Asian Speed Dating

Unlike normal first dates where you are stuck with one person right through the evening, speed dating is a dating system or match making process where people are allowed to meet a large number of people probably in a restaurant or public meeting place for a short duration of time.It is an organized matchmaking affair originally created by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of the Aish HaTorah to help single Jews to meet and eventually find someone to marry. It was then adopted by popular culture and popularized by the media. Speed dating now is organized and held regularly everywhere around the world.

Taking from the idea of the Jewish people, Asian’s whose culture and religion dictates them to marry someone of the same culture or religion can make use of the Asian speed dating services offered by certain sites in order to meet their fellows near them. Living in societies composed of mixed races, religions and cultures, it’s hard for someone who is in the minority to meet someone they will like and their culture will allow. That is why arranged marriages are popular among these cultures.

Those of Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, and Korean descent are just a few Asians that adhere to their cultures and religion very much. They can avail of the Asian speed dating services offered by a number of websites. Or they could request a speed dating site to set up an Asian speed dating event in a place near them. Most sites feature Hindus to be the most willing to participate and hold a dating event. This is because among the cultures that allow arranged marriages, the Hindu is the most sociable people. For Muslim and Korean cultures, their women are more conservative and are not allowed much to mingle with the men.

An Asian speed dating event can be fun and themed to fit the culture of the Asians participating in it. The dating event will involve the same components as a normal speed date; the only difference is some, if not most, are looking to find a person they will marry. It’s serious business for most of these people.

The dating still adhere to the rules that speed dating is built upon. A speed date lasts 3 to 8 minutes, or as indicated by the organizers. After a signal is sounded, the men then rotate and move on to the next date. In a round robin sort of format, each man goes on a speed date with every woman in the event. After all men have dated all the women, they are allowed to mingle and have fun. This allows pairs who have hit it off in their speed date to resume their conversation and get to know more about each other. Also, for the men, it is their opportunity to pursue the woman that they came to like in the speed date.

Asian Speed dating can be advantageous for men who are inhibited or shy and have a fear of rejection, as is for a lot of men of Asian descent. This eliminates outright rejection and one can muster enough courage to converse with a member of the opposite sex. Since one has already talked to the girl in their initial speed date, one can just come up to that person and continue their conversation.

Things to Know about Speed Dating

Gone are the days, when a man had to wait until the fifth or sixth date to adjudge whether a relationship is going to work out or not. Moreover, the biggest hurdle that most of the single individuals face is landing up with a date in the first place. You can’t exactly expect to go out with any other random person, you see on the street for a date. A date has to be with someone special.

And speed dating allows you to simply find that “special” person without much of a hassle. The concept of speed dating basically means that a large number of single men and women are invited together for a social gathering in a room where they get to spend exactly three minutes with each member of the opposite sex who is present in the room. After the three minutes are over, both the man and woman can proceed to the next person.

All the members who are present in the hall are given a sheet of paper where they tick either yes or no in front of the name of the person they have just interacted with. This assessment is done for obvious reasons and at the end of the day; these sheets are passed on to the organizers of the event.

The organizers then try to find out any possible matches so that they can interact further and get to know each other in a better manner. The fun elements which are part and parcel of the concept of speed dating, such as the sophisticated restraint and an extremely well-polished exterior which the participants try to project in front of the other sex are just some of them.

There are certain sections of people who are apprehensive about the concept of speed dating. Speed dating is believed to be an idea through which people can only form a very shallow opinion about the other person as the time provided to interact with them is really very less.

Most of the speed daters admit that they often end up forming a very judgmental opinion about the other person in this limited time. Speed daters even admit that they could have probably fallen for a candidate whom they had rejected after the “set” three-minute span, provided they had a chance to have a proper conversation with them.

Don’t forget, speed dating has it’s own charm. The prospect of meeting hundreds of potential suitors, under a single roof both excites and sounds scary at the same time. Yet, it is a technique, which every one wants to try and who knows, they just might end up finding their true love in a matter of three minutes.

Women Dating Over Fifty – Is Speed Dating A Good Idea?

It is normal for women dating over fifty to feel scared and hesitant with the idea of meeting new men again. It is probably because women who are in this age range are caught up with the ideals that they should have been happily married at that particular moment in their lives. However, people can be faced with different situations in life that are without a plan. So it is better to face what life brings you and just get on with it.

Women who are over fifty may have experienced a lot of things in life which lead them to their current situation. Some may just have gotten a divorce; others may have just lost their partner; or a few may have just stayed single up to their current age. All of these situations lead to the idea to get into dating again.

Dating over fifty for women can be challenging as these women are thinking of so many problems along the way. Women over fifty may feel that they are too old to start dating again, while others feel that it is not suitable anymore for them to meet men again. All of these are getting into the mind of a matured woman and could hinder them to meeting new acquaintances.

One solution to get rid of these problems is to have the woman try speed dating. It may not be the perfect idea for women at this age, but it is effective to get them a match and enjoy life again. Speed dating for women fifty plus is the easiest way to get these women get into their dating form again. It can make one feel comfortable again in meeting other men.

You may start by going out with friends like hanging around some restaurants or bars. Be where you can meet a lot of people. You may also join groups where you can be with people at your same age. These are the easiest ways to meet new people. But, of course it is important to be prepared to meet new men as well.

But since the idea of speed dating is more on the ‘greet and meet’ type of acquaintance, it is necessary for one to be in their friendliest mood. Do not over drink; the men would not want to talk to drunken conversation with women especially on their first day of meeting. Do not fake your personality, show him who you really are. At your age, you should be more on the ‘what you see is what you get’ idea. This will even show your sincerity to your new male friend.

And most of all, be positive and just enjoy the time of being single and dating once again. Speed dating for women fifty plus can give a new spark in their life. It can make them want to enjoy life more; have more time for themselves and their own happiness. Nothing is too late in life. It is just how you look at things.